Great report Kim

"The test results are perfect. No signs of cancer. Still one node showing but they say it may be scar tissue and there is no cancer activity in it ........... I am so overjoyed!!!"

We are over joyed with you! Passed along your report to our little Band of Brothers that has been waging war for you and they rejoice with you as well. Victories are wonderful things. I remember running around the street in Chicago on VJ Day 1945 waving my little American flag.... a 10 year old with very little understanding but I was just as excited as every one else. The war was over.

Lest we get too excited about this victory. Let us soberly remember we simply won this battle. We are still in a world at war. He has placed us here as warriors. This latest conflict has been to show us just how real the war is and to reveal how we are being trained to engage the enemy offensively and maybe we will start winning more battles than we lose.

Dare I go here...... victories get us excited, build our confidence, help us enter into the reality of that dimension beyond the Matrix, cause us to seek more revelation.... these are all good things. During the war however, there are always casualties, some defeats, counter attacks, ambushes, sneak attacks....... Satan hates us and everything else God has created and called good. We cannot, we dare not get feeling we are special, better than or exalted "above measure"..... if we turn things into "mountaintops", then there will be valleys. Father's desire in all this is to bring our mountains down and our valleys up so we walk on His beautiful rolling highway of life, knowing that He truly controls all things...... and will take every horror His enemy throws at us and turn it into some good in our lives.

This is not about about victory or winning or success as the world looks at those things. This is about entering into the fullness of His purpose in our relationship with Him as we walk down His highway.

"......others were tortured, mocked, scourged, chained, imprisoned, stoned, sawn in two, put to death, wandered destitute, afflicted, ill treated......." (edited from Heb 11:37)

He loved them just as much as He loves us. They were winners of victories in ways we are not even able to imagine.

This is probably more than enough for you to try to digest today.


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