Doesn't really get any busier than this....... the weekend hasn't even stopped.....there were 13 of us trying to fit around the dining room table last night (only 8 the night before that and only 8 tonight!!!!).... what a marvelous time had by all...... actually it was kind of an all day thing. There is so much rolling around in my head right now.... maybe I can take a breath to try to sort some of it out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've added a couple places to my blogroll, which you can visit if you like. One is a very old friend from New Jersey, Paul Peixoto (his wife will be up here visiting in a couple weeks). He says things differently than I do (which is a very good thing since one of any of us is more than enough :) ....... you may just find what he says really interesting since his calling in life is to communicate and train others in that fine art (communication is actually a miracle!) I call his link Paul's Musings :)

The other is a newer old friend, Darryl Rodman (who is still here visiting with his wife as I type) The Lord has knitted our hearts together in a number of special and unique ways...... I think we are good for each other :) I can recommend the man, his ministry and his life...... he is part of those I consider my Band of Brothers. Check out what he has to say. You may just receive an imparation from Impart Ministries.


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