What do we think?

I've been thinking these past few days.....did you know it is dangerous to think? Did you know that "as a man thinks in his heart, so is he".... What that means, simply, is that if any one of us wants to know what's in our heart, what's really in our hearts... then just think about what you think about! Like I said, it can be dangerous if we are honest about what things we think about....scripture says "think on these things" (check out Philippians 4:8)..... I personally think that all those things we are supposed to think about are a description of who Jesus is.....maybe...just maybe...we ought to try thinking about Him instead of all the other stuff that we think about.

The next thing I was thinking about is "What we say".

I'll get back to that soon as I can. The Lord is keeping us incredibly busy these days.


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