Paul (of paul's musings) is going to call me tomorrow and do that interview I referred to a couple days back.........

"He has asked me to do an interview about my making my dream happen to incorporate in one of his tools…….expressing it this way……..”My objective in creating this product is to encourage “would-be” entrepreneurs to venture out (as you have) and create work more in tune with their passion and purpose.”

Since he used that very big word Entrepreneurs , I somehow felt having been thrust into this August Company that maybe I ought to find out what the word meant. If I was being called one of those, I thought I'd best check the meaning in Wickepedia. That was a big mistake. I don't think I am one of those. I quickly went to my old tried and true Webster's Dictionary and feel much safer with what I saw there. "To undertake an enterprise....one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or an enterprise." Well then there now, I can say that would describe what I am.

I would rather say I am self-employed and prefer that to being employed. The years I have worked as an employee were ok, a zillion stories, but I had that thing in me to do things, accomplish things, use that compelling drive inside...even though, back in the beginning it was that desire to scratch my ego, show how wonderful I was, be a big shot, make lots of money, acquire great toys, etc. etc. etc. My first venture was the total ego trip as an actor...the goal was to be the next Marlon Brando or James Dean. It failed. Next attempt was the business with my dad, then branching that sales venture into a manufacturing venture. Then I met God.

After my first epiphany, that zeal turned into doing it for the Lord....instead of for me. If you read my other stories, you know that it really was the same old, same old. But I did lots of self-employed stuff, each time learning more and more lessons. I think of myself as pretty good at starting small businesses. I had a gift for that.....and I had learned to want to do only what I believed the Lord wanted me to do. Once I knew that in my heart, I had absolutely no fear to step out in that.....many lessons were yet to be learned however. I started a Christian Bookstore and did that for 5 years (it lasted for 35 years, then changed into a Christian Coffee house a few years back), had my own radio program for 2 years, started a corporation to install materials handling equipment (gave it to my partner a year later who lived from it for 30 years), pastored a church for 10 years - repented, started a restaurant with a friend who left a year later...this one I continued for 8-1/2 years and never made any money - repented again, begging the Lord to let me shut it down. He finally said it was ok to do that in 1994. Then in 1999 He told us to go ahead with the B&B that was in our hearts. In between all this I did several different things including a 2 year stint as pastor of a local Congregational Church.......guess what? :) Yeah. I repented again. About two years ago, we launched a little house church and actually have a working model, hopefully to encourage others to do likewise.

Entrepreneur? Well...new business starter maybe.....some very successful....some not so successful. But lessons learned? I could probably write a few books. Just a few pointers if you have that inside itch you need to scratch. 1 - Have a relationship with God. 2 - Be sure He wants you to do that. 3- Be sure you and your spouse are on the same page. 4 - Get wisdom from brothers/sisters you trust. 5 - Count the cost. No pie in the sky stuff. 6 - Start small. Get your feet wet. 7 - Watch God grow it in what I call a naturally supernatural way. 8 - Have courage, do not be afraid (I call that the Joshua Principle) then step into the Jordan 9 - Let God adjust you along the way....you will not get it straight with the first model 10 - Work very hard as unto the Lord 11 - Work very hard to love your spouse and family so you do not lose them along the way 12 - Pray very hard and walk with a Band of Brothers/Sisters who also pray.

That's it. Any questions? Feel free to ask.


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