Free to be......what?

Picking up where I left off last time...... Jesus has set us free to be what he has called us to be. Not only has He called us to be something but He has designed us specifically for that, gifted us to be that, equipped us for the task in every way and has placed that desire in our hearts, that pull, that thing that niggles inside us, that we can't get away from till we've made the choice to take that next step towards what He has for us.

My friend Darryl (the Impart guy over to the right there) is really big on this one. He is a follow your dream kind of guy. So much so, we gave him a sign we sell in our gift shoppe that says: "We create our tomorrows by what we dream today". He is a doer! Grab it and go for it. He is good for me because I function as a wait and watch God do it kind of guy.....until I see God in it, I wait. Then watch out once I know what I am supposed to do because I am moving! Actually, we are pretty good for each other.

My far-away friend Owen is an encourager....boy, do we ever need one of those in our lives....especially when we've gone too fast (or too slow), fallen on our face a few times and have a few bruises. Always wants me to hear God for myself and will never ever tell me what he thinks I should do...... unless it's to stop sinning :)

My close-by friend Jeff fills that same kind of spot in my life. We are an awful lot alike. We can share anything with each other and usually do, regularly. We walk together in responsibility for our little house church group. I can count on Jeff for anything....... especially the certainty that he is covering my back in prayer every single day. He always stays in touch.........We need one of them too.......big-time!

My old friend Paul was away for quite awhile and is now my new friend Paul (his musings to the right). Paul is more like Darryl......pursue the dream, make it happen and has developed/is developing the tools to help you make your dream happen. His dream to help is different from mine (and it should be, it's his dream). He has asked me to do an interview about my making my dream happen to incorporate in one of his tools.......expressing it this way........"My objective in creating this product is to encourage "would-be" entrepreneurs to venture out (as you have) and create work more in tune with their passion and purpose."

I am looking forward to that interview. His burden is towards the person with the drive to create their own thing whatever that own thing might look like.

My burden goes to those that God has equipped differently, gifted differently who would never in their wildest imaginations want to be self-employed. The ones with no entrepreneurial gifting. You don't have to. One is not better than the other.....just different giftings.

I believe with all of my heart that there is no such thing as a demeaning job. You may have guessed that I will need another blogging to express that. I will soon.


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