touching a sacred cow?

Can I go in another direction? Well, not really another direction....just turning the diamond so we can explore another facet of how Satan has deceived us. I would like you to literally throw out what these words presently mean to you......the words sacred, holy, saint, sanctify and sanctification. I believe Satan has done a real number on us through every religious system by sending a religious spirit into every renewal or move of God, that has twisted and distorted the true meaning of these words into some saccharine sweet portrait of Jesus with a painted on smile that is supposed to portray holiness and a saint looks just like that only with a glowing halo over their heads.

This is not a word study or a bible study, although I would encourage you to go do one on these words while throwing out every silly stereotype religious connotation along the way. This whole thing is so simple! Dare I touch this Sacred (in all the ugly meaning of the word) Cow?

You know I will anyway. :)

The meaning of the Greek word for sanctify is simply to separate or set apart. That is all it means. Throw out all that has been thrown at you from the system and start to read the bible with only that meaning in mind! Your mind and your heart will start going nutso.

God simply separates us from the Kingdom of darkness and sets us apart to accomplish His purposes in His Kingdom of light, that marvelous Kingdom of His Son where He is King and He rules (the other one is where the other guy rules)..... where He (Jesus the King) can now live His Kingdom Life in us!

Think about all God has to say about us belonging to Him, being purchased by Him, being His possession.......that is how He has separated us....and when we are separated, He then sets us apart for His plan and purpose, not ours.....it is not what we are going to do for Him but about what He is going to do (first in us and then through His by His life that is now in us).....after a while, you know, we actually start to look just a little bit like Him. More about that another time.

Think with me for a minute....this is not all about us, it is all about Him. It is not about us being holy..... God is the one who is holy....He puts the life of His Son in us (the life of the Holy One) and little by little by little He transforms us into the very image of His Son......not by what we do but by what He is! Hard for me to get all puffed about how wonderful I am when I had absolutely nothing to do with the process except obey the One who owns me when He tells me to do something. Come on now....this is not rocket science! :)

A saint (small "s") is simply one who He has been separated and set apart. Anything God owns is sacred because He is sacred, holy because He is holy. Sanctification or being sanctified is simply the ongoing process of that separation and being set apart.

Kill the Cow! .....and let's get on getting on with the process. I'll give you some scriptures over the next few days, that I challenge you to read in the above light. When I personally finished reading those scriptures (in that light) the ones that are in my heart to share about, things became very, very, very different for me. My prayer is that they will be different for you as well. That is if you haven't already found them for yourself during your word study.



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