I was thinking......

I was thinking about what I said last time....you know....the more I love Him, the more I experience His love for me and how that just keeps growing and growing from day to day. There is absolutely nothing that happens in my life any more that I do not see directly from His loving hand to bring me to that next place in His plan and purpose for my life.

One of the things He has been using is having me personalize different scriptures which I have expressed in a few previous musings. I have really gotten into that in my Daily Prayer....... (over there to the right)....just click on that link to the prayer if you are interested in seeing how it works.

The prayer changes and expands pretty regularly......kind of like the energizer bunny as it keeps growing and growing and growing....the more I love Him, the more I find to say to Him....helps me to spend lotsamore time in His presence, talking to Him, making declarations of Truth to the enemy....tearing down Satan's strongholds.....and so much is happening as a result of that daily prayer I really have no place to put that....and it is happening every day....it boggles my mind.... and it helps keep me from thinking more of myself than I should, since I am absolutely certain I have had nothing to do with any of it.....it's all just my Father acting like my Father and loving on me.

Pretty neat!

I just went thru this on something Moses prayed....made it personal.....and wow! I'll show you that in my next musing.


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