another kind of honest!

I've talked some about how important it is for us to get honest with God. But...you know....I have a whole lot more trouble being honest with myself, than I do with being honest with God. See....He already knows more about me than I will ever know about me....so, that one is not really a problem for me. My problem is me!

It is so easy for me to rationalize anything. Now, I know that none of you reading this have a problem with that.....I am just trying to be honest here about myself, because I had this thought that ran into my head that said..... "The things that I give myself to...are the things that own me." Whoa there old fella.....where did that one come from......so....I did some musing about it. You know....that statement is absolutely true. Now how do you think I know that?

The more I gave myself to the Lord....the more I discovered that He owned me. Now that is a very good thing because the more I gave myself to Him, the less I gave myself to other stuff. You are looking at a guy here who has given himself to lots of other stuff! So the things I am about to say, are not just things that Ellen told me about. :)

Maybe, it would be safer for me to just list some of the things that I have given myself too......which then owned me (use any words you like here....obsession with, possession by, slavery to......) This is why I got so good at rationalizing.

The last bastion (at least that I know of at this point) for me is food. Continue to give myself to food and I will continue to kill myself. Just the other day, it was announced that obesity is now the second leading cause of cancer in the U.S.....the leader still remains smoking.....which is another thing that once owned me. Right now though, let's think about food owning us for a minute.

I call obesity the acceptable sin in Christianity today....it is the easiest to rationalize....after all... I have to eat or I will die.....and I have this little weakness....and you just don't understand....it's my mother's fault, it's my thyroid's fault, it's my father's fault, it's in my genes, my grandmother was fat and loved to see me eat....whatever! I used all of those.....any of those.

My perfect weight is probably 210......when I hit 240 I qualified as obese and folks would say, but you look really good, Philip, you aren't fat. When I hit 230, I was considered overweight.....and folks said, what do you mean fat, you look great Philip. Now that I am finally at 220, folks tell me how trim I am and how could I possibly want to lose more weight.......the scary thing is that I may discover sometime during this next year that my perfect weight is actually 205 or 200 and not 210....it will be interesting to hear what folks say at each new level.

What people say about us is part of the rationalization, which has nothing to do with reality or the facts. I needed to agree with the Lord that my body is His temple, it is where He lives, and I needed to make a choice to stop destroying His temple.....to stop killing myself.

Just think rationally for a minute without rationalizing.....if obesity is now the second leading cause of cancer in America.....what about all the other stuff it causes...like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes.....think quality of life here too as we huff and puff dragging that 30 pound or more sack around with us all day, as we lose body parts to the ravages of diabetes, as we get less and less fit and no longer can fight off the colds and flu that attack our immune system, as we take more and more medications to solve one problem that then create other problems...when does it stop? Let me tell you....it will stop when we die..... long before we have to die.....long before He wants us to die. Unless we make the choice to stop giving ourselves to food and allowing it to own us.

Maybe it really is time to stop letting food or anything else own us. So many things have owned me. My work has owned me, religion has owned me, sex has owned me, porn has owned me, alcohol has owned me, tobacco has owned me.....by His grace, they no longer do. That makes me nothing except honest. But by being honest about myself, I can tell you that giving myself to Jesus has changed everything forever.....because He owns me and these other things no longer do. Even my acceptable sin of obesity.


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