Does it bother you?

That was the question I asked the Lord this morning........."Does it bother you? Or is this just some pet peeve of mine." Having repented of my"pet peeves" a couple years back, I didn't want to kick all that stuff back into gear again....so I really wanted to ask.

I have been what I call "downloading", all this stuff for several days. Stuff about the horror of titles and the system's obsession with it. What I mean by "downloading" is that I will be praying, when suddenly all these things start pouring into my brain. Sometimes, I will even just wake up (usually about 3 am), say hi to the Lord and the same thing happens......it just keeps coming until He is through. There is no conscious thinking or meditating going on....it just comes. Once it is in there all I need to do is sit down later at the computer and start writing...just like I am doing now....and it all just comes out as I type. This is an effortless process. I like to think of it as a God thing.....doesn't make me any better than anybody else.....maybe a little different....but I can't say that these are just my thoughts.

Anyway....I always like to make sure....so I asked......"Does it bother You?" He sent me to scripture....that answered the question for me, anyway. Perhaps it will answer the questions for you as well. I hope so.

This is just the stuff Jesus said in Matthew....to the religious folks of His day....to the scribes and pharisees.....the leaders in that system. I don't think I am stretching anything when I say that it/they/all of it........bothered Him. And this is only from Matthew 25.

"Woe to you scribes and pharisees.....hypocrites.....you shut off the kingdom of heaven...you devour widow's houses....for a pretense you make long prayers...you make proselytes twice as much a son of hell as yourselves....blind guides.....blind men...... you tithe (everything) but neglect justice, mercy and faithfulness...you strain out gnats and swallow camels.....you clean the outside....but inside are full of robbery and self indulgence....you are like white washed tombs, beautiful outside but full of dead men's bones.....inwarly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.....you brood of vipers........that's enough....if we haven't got the point yet, we won't get it.

Jesus had a real problem with them. It was a real whip He used when He cleared the temple of the moneychangers....regardless how the system has tried to whitewash that one away. He was ticked. It bothered Him..

It bothers me......obviously. So I am going to proceed with my download tomorrow.

I really can get into the brood of vipers.whitewashed sepulcres thing.


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