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A few days back, I was up on my friend Paul's site (see Paul's Musings to the right).....he had this great posting about the struggles we have getting quiet before God that he titled "Finding Your Purpose By Being Still"........you know.... "be still and know that I am God".... that kind of thing...... just sit still and listen and our minds jump all over the place, then I do my next guilt trip about my inability to be quiet, sit still and discipline my mind to stop jumping all over the place. I even wrote the following comment on his site.


"Never found anything more difficult than staying quiet before the Lord…..everything you said…absolutely true….

I do well with being aware of His Presence throughout the day…the living, moving and having my being thing is right there….all day long.

I Practice His Presence every day but it is not a quiet thing at all….I do start each new day with trying to stay quiet in the morning but…..maybe some day….. Right now, I just kick into my daily prayer if it isn’t happening…..even the prayer in itself is a real challenge to just stay focused on that for a half hour without all the “wanderings” beginning.

One thing that helps is to clear my desk before I begin. When distractions come, it also helps me to make a note to deal with it later…. that somehow pushes it away and it doesn’t come back.



I thought that was a pretty honest response to what Paul had written.

This morning as I tried to stay quiet before the Lord yet one more time, I gave up and just started talking to Him about it. What I am about to share with you is the most profound revelation I have received in 40 years. I got more excited than I have been in years. I believe it is significantly more important than the revelation two years ago about the battle we are in.....as a matter of fact I believe it is the next step to take the warfare up several notches....so hang in there with me. If it seems like I am shouting, that's good because I am.....I am shouting it from the housetops.

So there I was apologizing to Him... again... asking Him to forgive me... again... and saying "I just don't get it Lord. Why can't I ever disengage? Why can't I get quiet? Why can't I ever be still without my mind bouncing all over the place."

What He said to me totally blew me out of the water. I have never, in these 40 years, ever heard this spoken, never read it anywhere, never heard it preached or talked about.....ever....and He just simply took my breath away.

Here is what He said...... "I have not created you to be disengaged. I have created you to have fellowship with me....all the time....living, moving, being in me....you were created to walk and talk with me as I walked with Adam in the garden....the enemy has beguiled my people to disengage....he did it back in the garden and he still does it....anything to keep us from talking to each other and loving each other more every day."

Think about this for a minute. I wouldn't have much of a relationship with Ellen if we never talked to each other. I wouldn't have much of a relationship with anybody if we don't talk....don't engage our minds.

I started looking at scripture, throwing out all the stuff I was taught, and it was amazing......David talked to God all the time....he was honest....told Him just how he was feeling...constantly engaged....he got in serious trouble when he stopped talking, disengaged and became an observer....remember Bathsheba?

Do you really think that Jesus was out there alone with Father all the time just sitting there in silence. Do you really think His wrestling match with Father in Gethsemane was done in silence?

Paul talked to God and God's people constantly. Communication is throughout the scripture. I no longer think Jesus just went off by himself to reach a state of Bhudist "mindfullness"......think about all the Eastern religious stuff, TM, whatever....a little state of Nirvana....nothingness.....why don't we all just become little space cadets! All that wonderfulness is right out of the pit. It's time for believers to throw out all that quiet, stillness, shutayouface stuff and get engaged with our creator.

What he wants for us is to enter into His rest (so He can do the work as we are actively engaged), be at peace right there in the middle of that activity, to be still in our hearts and stop fretting about everything, be quiet in our spirits and trust Him to take everything that happens in our lives, every situation, every circumstance....every thing.... and use it for His Glory.

Think about those demons that got cast out and how they are coming back to see if the house is empty and bringing a few other folks with them....just stay disengaged in Nirvana and invite them all in.

The thoughts just keep coming....but I've said enough for now. I would encourage you to get totally engaged with your creator. My life is never going to be the same.


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