I got an OK from the Lord to touch this leadership thing a little bit. Jesus just wants to be the head of this thing (He is the only head honcho) and He does the appointing of leaders.
There were always leaders appointed in those places that Paul wrote to. They were called elders....there was never only one elder....always plurality.....always for an area.....and Jesus had a whole lot to say about what kind of folks they were to be, how they were to live and how they were to function in that responsibility thatHe gives those elders.

I've said much about this in previous Musings. You can look again at 1/29, 2/12, 3/18 and 3/19 if you would like more on the subject. The Lord has specifically told me not to turn these Musings into a teaching platform. I can teach but it's not my gift. What He has given me to do is to call people to have a relationship with Him, and not to have a relationship with all the religious baloney that's Satan has come up with century after century.

Every time the Holy Spirit has come to restore a truth that Satan has buried in layers of deception, the deceiver comes along and turns this restored truth and builds a monument around it....you know....one of those white washed sepulchers I've spoken of before! Next thing you know we have another denomination, the Holy Spirit leaves and goes somewhere else to try again. That is called Church History. We capitalize the restored Truth and sit there admiring it, instead of continuing to press into the one One who is Truth - His name is Jesus and He is the Truth, as well as the Way and even the very Life in us.

It happened when the Lord restored His authority (government) to the Church with the Shepherding movement (this came out of the Charismatic Movement 1960'-70's) which also brought back Discipleship where folks get trained to walk with Him......Satan came in, did his usual same-old/same-old and the next thing you know it's another mega-mess .....almost became another denomination....with more kings than you could shake a stick at! Running everybody's lives. It did away with all the silly democratic congregational government forms but brought back the head honcho hierarchical thing big time. So sad.

Jesus just wanted His church back.... we simply refuse to make Him the King. Someday maybe. It is starting to happen. Maybe you are already there. Let me know. If not, this could be the day for you!


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