his crowning deception!

Satan really believes he is going to win this war. That is his ultimate deception. His next biggest deception (and there is a pretty long list) is to get us all preoccupied with the thing he is preoccupied with.....and it is all Satan ever thinks about......his ultimate eternal damnation.....his ultimate consumption in the lake of fire!

And he has found the best way to deal with that problem he has, is to get believers thinking about it all the time too....ever hear things like: "you'll never make it"... "you'll just keep sining like that the rest of your life and end up with Satan in the lake of fire"..... "you're going straight to hell if you don't shape up"..... "you need to get saved or you you will die in your sins and spend eternity in hell".....

Where did you hear those thing? In the Church? From other believers? Are you beginning to see where they come from and what the church is majoring in....trying to keep people out of hell and make sure they get to heaven ....by using threats, fear and intimidation (and what's even worse) that wonderful result of no hell and lots of heaven sitting on a cloud and playing a harp....will happen by joining our Church and believing our Doctrine!

Redemption has nothing to do with that baloney! Satan has been defeated once and for eternity. It happened at the cross. It is finished. What he accomplished was to open the door to us (His name is Jesus - the door) so we could have a relationship with Him, with His Father, and with His Holy Spirit. He made it possible to walk and talk with Him again like in the good old days before our first deception..... to carry on conversations with Him and enjoy the best friend you could ever have.....all day....every day.

He is the best friend you can ever have. Friends spend time together, talk to each other and enjoy each other. Why on earth would one even ever think it's about heaven and hell. It's about a relationship with the living god!

Oh....by the way.....you will be spending eternity with Him, where He is....and where He is has nothing to do with fire, hell or any of Satan's other deceptions.


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