Can I help it if I'm right?

A preacher friend used to always break me up when illustrating some conflict or disagreement and he would then give the definitive word on the subject....there would be a pause and sincere appeal to his listener's..."Come on now, can I help it if I'm right?"

Am I the only one who can relate to that? I bet you didn't know that I am right about absolutely everything....and.... I do everything better than anyone else can.....just ask me! How come I get into the driver's seat in the car....whilst Ellen sits in the passenger seat......you only get one guess! I'll bet you didn't know it is because we have an extra set of brake pedals over there, did you?

I used to think God brought me into relationship with Himself because He had all these folks out there for me to help straighten out their messed up lives for them. Not! Wrong! He brought me into relationship with Himself in order to make me look a little bit more like Jesus every day. Perhaps we could translate that to say: He wanted to straighten up my messed up life.

That seems to be an ongoing project that so far has taken 40 years. I have watched my heart change. Three months after I met Him, I knew absolutely everything. Each year since, I have learned more and more about how little I know about Him....until today, when I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I have barely scratched the surface of knowing Him......but there is a hunger in me for Him that can never be satisfied, a thirst for Him that can never be quenched.....and He has taken me light years beyond where I started back in 1968.

I was a union roofer for 7 months back in 1972...toughest work I ever did. I am not even remotely gifted as a mechanic..... I am convinced that I have 7 thumbs and 4 left feet! The guys I worked with probably were convinced of that as well...they used to tease me unmercifully........"Do something Wolff...... even if it's right!" I got off the roof and determined to do things I had some giftings in....to make sure I did it right!

I am so glad that all my "rightness" got tampered with.....I'm no longer right about everything.....not only that...... but I no longer see you or anybody else as the problem....... I see that I am the problem! I'm the one that needs to change......it has been the most recent greatest thing to experience so regularly this past couple months. He is showing me the changes He has worked into my life...... and I am stunned. I will share some of the stories in my next postings.

I am liking what I see......so is my wife!


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