Two days ago, I mentioned the brakes that are located on the passenger seat side of our car....remember?.....that's where my wife sits because I am the greatest driver in the whole world? ...actually the best at doing anything? Yes, you do remember that, right? Let me tell you about the importance of those brakes.

But first.....a little aside to the men's department....a lot of guys I know, do not understand just how important those brakes on the passenger seat side are....some do not even know that the brakes are there! Guys....it is time to start appreciating our wives in a whole other way....especially because of those brakes.

Ellen applies those brakes at any sign of danger.... I see her foot come up to slam on the brakes long before I am aware that we could be having a problem....when I drive (understand here that not only am I not that great a driver, but my responses have slowed considerably as I have aged and...let me tell you about my eyesight.....it is pretty incredible that my eyesight has gotten better and better for distance year after year....to the point where I took the eye test again at the DMV when I renewed my license about 5 years back and passed the test....had the corrective lenses required thing removed from my license..... pretty cool....but I still can't really see all that well, and it takes a bit for me to focus in enough to see what's really out there at 60 or 70 mph. At this point, is there anyone out there who would like to be a passenger in my car? :)

Besides all that, I have two other serious problems.....one is that I am a terribly super focused individual and not very aware of things going on around the area of my focus......in other words, I don't see things that Ellen sees. What's even worse. I am probably the most easily distracted person that I know......translated: my focus shifts from totally here to totally there in a nanosecond.....fortunately, the lady sitting there at my right can bring me back to reality in yet another nanosecond by plunging her foot on the brake, snapping me back.......sometimes it's a deer off on the side of the road, another vehicle about to pull out into my path, a biker, runner, walker....maybe some obstruction in the middle of the road. Many accidents in our lives can be avoided when we understand how to see the brakes being applied over there by the woman who has been anointed for that specific purpose in our lives.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this gift God has given me to walk through this great adventure with me. She is my best friend, my partner, the love of my life and she sees the things that are a danger long before Jimmy the Dunce Philip does...... and applies the other set of brakes, just in the nick of time....she sees, feels, senses, and by her gifts knows when there is something dangerous ahead, just off the road.....and I have learned to respond and trust that knee jerk to the brake pedal.

Just a quick illustration. I had a secretary way back when, in a galaxy far, far away..... and many moons ago besides even..... that particular secretary, un-beknownst to this spiritual giant, was bent on seducing the Man of God to prove that all that religious stuff was just a lot of baloney.....every man could be had.

My wife put on the brake pedal when the secretary decided she would pick me up at the airport and bring me home after a trip.......whilst the wise, all knowing, head of his house, head of his wife, Christian leader in the area, chided the one applying the brakes about her just being suspicious, her silliness, etc ad nauseum.

I was picked up by the secretary. That trip home was the most uncomfortable car ride I ever experienced in my life.....it was the last day she worked for me and....it was the last time I failed to respond to Ellen's use of the brake pedal. I apologized to Ellen, told her she was absolutely right and thanked her for being who she is.......the gift God gave me who can see the dangers along the road so much better than I can.

This was just a little extra for everybody.....to the ladies: apply those brakes regularly.....to the guys: respond immediately!!


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