Yesterday, I mentioned receiving a burden from the Lord. It was a very powerful thing. Our friends, the Rodmans, had sent us an email asking us to pray for a little girl named Kailiah.

How we handle folks asking us to pray for someone or something, is the other side of yesterday's coin. In that posting you may remember I asked you if you knew it was ok with the Lord if you didn't pray for every single need in the world. As true as that statement is, it is also true, as well as imperative, for us to pray for anyone we are asked specifically to pray for. To me, that is a totally different thing than feeling I am responsible to pray for every need that is brought to my attention.

I also do not mean that old religious "I'll pray for you brother" stuff, where I then forget all about it and never pray at all...... occasionally twinged with feelings of guilt. That's another one of those things I just happen to know about, where it wasn't necessary to have Ellen explain it to me! :)

Another thing I need to do is to pray for everyone the Lord tells me to pray for. With Kailiah..... it happened to be both..... the Rodmans asked us to pray. Then the Lord told us to pray.... pretty simple to respond to..... :)

That, however, is not the burden of the Lord! That is something entirely different. This is what Rodman's wrote.
We have been given a website URL to stay updated with Kailaih. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kailiahfontaine <http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kailiahfontaine> So for those of you who have received an assignment to pray for her you can go online, sign up and stay in touch personally. I am sending this email with some specific prayers needed for Monday. Kailaih has two types of leukemia--one they only find once in every ten years....so this is quite rare and quite serious. The family naturally are strong in the Lord, but this is a long awaited little girl---after 5 boys. She won't turn five until July. Thank you for praying for this family. You do have to sign up to go on the website, so if any of you would like updates, but don't or can't sign up on the website, please let me know and I will keep you in touch. The following are Mom Stephanie's words:

Just wanted to give specific details on what is happening on Monday. As of Thursday, Kailiah's platelets are extremely low so she first has to have a platelet transfusion. Then she will be put under light sedation for chemo into the spine and another bone marrow draw. The results of this draw will give the doctors some idea of whether this chemo is working and if there is enough to go forward with the bone marrow transplant. We are believing for miracles that will knock the doctors off their feet! Kailiah has no idea of what is to come and we don't tell her until the very last second. Thank you for praying.

As I prayed for Kailiah, I knew I was also receiving an assignment to pray. I felt impressed to go to the web-site her folks set up....checked it out.....then felt I needed to write a letter to Kailiah....which I did. This is what I wrote to her.

Rodman's told us about you.....so we've been praying. Out little house church had an awesome prayer time in the middle of worship yesterday ....just for you Kailiah......our only son Jonathan had acute lymphatic leukemia when he was 15, so my wife and I know what you and your family are going through...we cried together when we heard your story....then prayed for you.....He got platelets just like you, had too many bone marrow draws (one is too many isn't it?) and of course the rounds of chemo for 3 years....the worst were those intrathecals (? that's a phonetic spelling) in the back like you got.....I don't know that I would ever have the courage to handle one of those myself. You are an incredibly brave young lady. One of our grand daughters is 5 like you....she will also be praying for you.

Jesus was merciful too us and didn't take our only son...we pray that He will be just as merciful to your parents as well....and not take their only daughter just yet....we are sure asking Him to leave you with them to enjoy you a whole lot more years....I told Him maybe He ought to wait a little longer so your parents can have you around for awhile....like He did for us....Jonathan is 33 now and a fine young man...I know Jesus wants all of us to be with Him but we did ask Him to wait for a while....OK Kailiah?

we love you!

philip and ellen

I was feeling pretty emotional by the end of that....decided to let Rodmans know what I had done and sent a reply to their email....pasting in a copy of what I had written. I clicked send email and the His Burden came on me... it just came on me....compassion filled me from head to toe and Philip wept....on and on and on....uncontrollable weeping, groanings which cannot be uttered....that prayer of the Holy Spirit that wells up in a person as we run out of our own words and the Holy Spirit picks it up from that point and expresses whatever else needs to be prayed in other tongues ....and then that runs its coarse too and we enter into what is called in scripture "groanings which cannot be uttered". That is where we no longer are in control, emotions can go in almost any direction because God has now taken over the praying....and like the man said.....it isn't over till it's over! When the Holy Spirit is finished praying what needs to be prayed....then it's over. Then and only then is the burden of the Lord lifted from us.

That is some powerful kind of prayer. Live dangerously! Get way out there and ask Him to give you His burden for someone. Might even be for Kailiah........Let me know how it goes!



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