Ask questions.....

He really does want to talk to us. One of the best ways we can co-operate with that process is to ask Him questions. It is almost like we have been programmed by our religious systems to believe that God is much to busy with all the real problems going on all over the world to mess with my little concerns.... who are you to think God would listen to you anyway and even if He did, if He knew what you were really thinking, it would be lightning bolt time!

Those are satanic lies, designed to keep you (and all of us) from having an intimate personal relationship with your Father who loves you so much that He sent His only Son to die for you....just so you could walk and talk with Him in the Garden of your Life.

Satan works very hard trying to deceive God's people and get them to think that what he thinks is true is actually true. It is not true and it is time that we stop believing that it's true and start believing that what God says is true, is true!

Satan is the Father of Lies....he is the Deceiver... so, guess what..... he lies and he deceives and he does it all the time about everything!

This posting was prompted by an email I received from someone who had read about Kailiah. This is some of what she wrote.

"How can such a little girl have to go through so much ... such horror ... it is too much for my brain to even comprehend. I cant even write because I feel like I just want to collapse onto the floor. It is all too much.......satan keeps trying to tell me that my disease is back and keeps trying to make me think I have symptoms. I keep vacillating between wanting to stand up and fight and wanting to fall down on the floor defeated."

I encouraged her to ask God all the questions....every question she has about this. All that other stuff is from the enemy and it is all lies....we need to reject the lies and embrace the one who is Truth!

Every day, I pray this when I specifically go to spend some time just with the Lord...... "bring me into your rest where I cease from my work and become your co-worker as you do all the work….keep my heart at peace throughout the day…. and most important… teach me how to talk with you ….communicate with you all day long…….to interact with you about everything and hear your voice each time you speak"

We can get to that place of rest when we really, really once and for all surrender our will to His will. Where it doesn't matter what happens to me, my great ideas, all the things I think should happen...all that stuff. Yes, even "though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!" It doesn't matter to me, I don't care....all I want is what He wants. Not an easy place to get too but it is very real...and absolutely necessary...when it does happen for us, we will be at rest. I can learn to rest in whatever is going on....everything....and literally become His co-worker.

To get there, I need to ask questions, I need to have a two way conversation with my Father....talk to Him, communicate with Him, interact with Him.....all day long....about everything.

Since I think this is among the major things missing in most peoples lives, I may just be saying more about this....soon!


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