People joke about Vermont having only two seasons.....winter...and the 4th of July!

I love Vermont.....and we do have 4 seasons but sometimes the transitions between the seasons can be a little rough.....kind of like the seasons in our lives.....some of those can get serious type tough.....like the winter we just finished up.....in 24 years here in Vermont, I never saw this much snow. Started to wonder if Spring would ever arrive....the last pile of snow finally disappeared this week.....when we hit 80 degrees one day. Wondered if we were going to skip Spring this year and just go directly to Summer! :)

But those transitions.....so much work to do cleaning up all the Winter debris, getting the gardens ready.....especially this year with having to completely change our landscaping after losing our two huge 100 year old Maples. But I love it...love to work physically ...dig .... plant... spread mulch... create rock walls.... just absolutely love the Springtime. ....not to mention a little fringe benefit of Spring.... being able to get back out on the golf course! :)

Of course, even though it has been Summer like for a whole week now, thre was a frost last night and another 70/30 degree day forecast 5 days from now. That can wreak havoc here in Vermont, if you plant your garden too early...so you need to be patiient and let Spring finish its course.

Same with the seasons in our lives. Embrace them all because all the transitional stuff is really in His hands.... and we can trust that eventually Winter will really be over, the Spring definitely will come and then the Summer. I would suggest talking to Him about the Seasons.... all the work.... the transitions.... the patience necessary to see it all through.... eventually the place will just look beautiful... enoy walking with Him through the Garden of your life.

Meanwhile...I think I need to get back to work in other gardens here..... maybe even get to play a round of golf as well.


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