why ask......?

I really enjoy reading people like Chambers and Tozer...... because I am constantly challenged to think! Thinking is a good thing... :) The other day, Chambers challenged me with the question, "Why does God tell us to ask Him for things?" That really got my head buzzing.....you know......... if God says He knows everything we need, says He knows all about us, knew us before we were in our mother's womb, knows the beginning and knows the end..... of everything...... all our days are numbered, everything is in His hands, says that He answers our prayers even before we ask Him.......not to mention that whole thing He has said about taking no thought for tomorrow...... you know.....stop worrying about all that stuff that the whole world is after....stuff like jobs, money, all the bills to pay, stuff like food, clothing, careers, houses, cars......all that stuff!

So what's with all the other stuff He has said about how important it is to ask..... be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication make your requests known to Him....ask and you'll receive.....you have not because you ask not..... pray, pray, pray is all over the Bible!

Anyhow....it seemed like a really good question and I started thinking about it and talking to the Lord about it. It was a great conversation. What He showed me was very simple really. That is how He reveals Himself to us. He wants us to pray so He can show us how much He loves us by answering those prayers. He even knows that when Philip got all those first prayers answered, one after another after another....miracle after miracle, bail-out after bail-out...that old Philip would get arrogant like somethin' and begin to think God was his personal valet, just waiting for every little whim to be expressed, his personal Genie just sitting there in the magic lantern, waiting for me to rub it so He, the Living God, could pop up out of there and get busy serving His magnificent servant Philip...... I mean He knew all that.... but He knows how to handle those things too.... He simply just stops answering all my selfish little self serving prayers and the process starts again of asking, talking to Him about things, eventually talking with Him about everything in my life....why did You do this, Lord or allow that and why did You not do this, or not do that or the other thing?

Guess what? Prayer...talking to Him....asking Him..... that is the process of getting to know Him and His revealing Himself to us..... it's how it happens! Anyway, that's why we need to ask..... it is a life long process since, know matter how long we are at it.... we can never run out of knowing Him more.... and more..... and more..... not just about Him.......but knowing HIM!

So....why not ask.....?


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