have you noticed......

Have you noticed that we humans tend to be absolutely certain about everything....things like the way to do everything....like the way everything should work out...the way it ought to happen...today, tomorrow...a week from next Tuesday.....next year...the rest of our lives.... we have the perfect plan and the perfect way for everything!

Or am I the only one! :) I think it is what we can safely call the human condition! Actually it's the result of that Garden thing.... you know....when the father of all lies said we could be as God and know right from wrong..... let's not blame-shift that one to Eve in that garden..... who decides what is good in my garden.....?

The lie is that know matter how certain we are of everything...... you may have noticed...... things don't really seem to work out according to plan....and that is because we really are not in charge.... no matter how smart we are, how clever, how educated, industrious and whatever..... sorry.... we cannot be certain of anything....not even getting the next breath.

Well....there is always that death and taxes thing.....but when do we die, do we have enough to pay our taxes.....?.... that's what all the fretting and stewing is about. We do not know. We are not certain what is going to happen in the next minute, hour, day, week, month, year or....even if we will make it through that moment in time. We simply are not in control, no matter how much we think we are or strive to be.

A little secret..... I can't tell you the freedom that comes when we discover that God actually is the one in charge of everything..... He controls it all. He is what we can be certain of! What liberty....nothing to fret or stew about.... it's all in His hands and He loves us! Once we get that in our knower, we can live the rest of our lives in breathless expectation for whatever is going to happen in that next moment of time. Breathless expectation -that's not original - I stole it from Oswald Chambers because I could think of no better way to express it.


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