....have you seen His glory?

I talked yesterday about the great move of the Holy Spirit back in 1970 that swept young people into His Kingdom by the thousands. They were known as the Jesus People. I had experienced many, many miracles in my life for almost two years prior to 1970.....but this was the very first time I could say I actually saw the Glory of the Lord.

I was part of a Christian businessmen's organization that sponsored high school assemblies throughout Northern New Jersey. The drug problem was so bad in the high schools that they were willing to try anything that might help the kids get off drugs. We had a former drug addict who had been a high profile DJ back in the 60's....and had quite a story about his dramatic conversion to Christianity. His name was Scott Ross. He had introduced the Beatles at Shea stadium.

"On 15 August 1965, the Beatles performed the first major stadium concert in the history of rock 'n' roll at Shea Stadium in New York to a crowd of 55,600."

Scott and his musician friend Danny Taylor were the draw that brought the kids to the assemblies where they filled the auditoriums. The administrations in the schools had given us a clearance for Scott to talk and Danny to sing about having a spiritual experience that helped them with their drug problem....the only restriction was that they could not even mention the name of Jesus. We started on Monday doing a couple schools each day. Then Friday night we had a "you all come" meeting in a rented school auditorium where there were no restrictions about what could be said.
They did just as they were instructed at each school...never mentioned the name of Jesus. Kids were weeping and crying in their seats as the Holy Spirit literally swept across the auditoriums. Same thing in every school. Kids were praying in tongues. Kids poured forward to talk to Scott, Danny and a half dozen of us businessmen.... without any invitation..... wanting to know what they were experiencing.....what was going on here. The loudspeaker in the auditorium kept pleading.... "Children, please return to your classrooms".... over and over until finally the voice got very demanding.... "You must return to your classrooms....right now!"

We invited any of them that wanted to know more to come to the open meeting on Friday night to get the rest of the story. The high school auditorium was packed....somewhere around 500 teens.... after the meeting the kids came forward, talked with us, wept with us, prayed with us. An experience I will never forget. It was the Glory of the Lord. It went on for two years.

We were encouraged by Scott to have follow up meetings so the kids could get help in walking this out.... he was pretty much against sending them to "a Church"..... his stories about how he went from Church to Church for help trying to find God in the madness of the Rock and Roll high flyers and was turned away because of his long hair, or because he was drunk or because he was stoned or smelled awful.....stories that brought us to tears about the state of the Church.

We started meeting every Tuesday night at a local Church that was not like the ones Scott had experienced but one that lovingly opened their doors to us to help the kids any way we could. It went on for exactly 2 years. 200/250 teens every Tuesday. The same kind of anointing was on it. I could do several postings just telling the stories of dramatically changed lives. It was the Glory of the Lord. The only sad thing that happened in all that time was one night when the police burst into the Church and took out one of the teen girls because....... "her mother would rather have her on drugs than on this Jesus stuff".

Then it ended 2 years later.....just as swiftly as it began.

We stopped the meetings when the anointing lifted. All around us the counterfeit meetings had sprung up....coffee houses inside and outside of Churches trying to cash in on the movement of the Spirit by offering entertainment, coffee and hoopla instead of the Holy Spirit. You know.... during those 2 years we never had to offer anything but Jesus.... no singers came to entertain, no free food was offered.... they came simply to talk to us about Jesus.... and you know what....He showed up and talked to them...for 2 years.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will once again visit us like that..... it's almost 40 years now. That's a long time. I pray every day for that visitation of His Glory in that sweeping manner. In the meantime, I am pretty content with seeing His Glory in my daily life. It is part of my daily prayer too. Each day I pray what I call the prayer of Moses..... "Lord....show me your Glory!" And you know what....He does....every single day I can say that I see His glory manifested in some unique, special way in our lives......what an awesome way to live.

I encourage you to try praying that prayer.


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