.....would you like to see His Glory?

Lord, show me Your Glory! That's the prayer I told you about yesterday...... the one I say every day. I ask Him. He does it. He shows me His Glory every day. It's a pretty wild way to live and I love it!

Would you like to know how you can see it too....every day? Let's just take a quick look at that story about Moses that I told you about.

Moses asks god..."Lord... show me Your Glory." God basically tells him that nobody can see His face and live but then He takes Moses to the Rock, puts him in the cleft of the Rock where it is safe, and then passes by Moses and lets Moses see His Glory. Simple story.....and just as simple for us as it was for Moses. Religion tends to complicate things and attach all kinds of whereas's and whyfor's... you know, all that legal talk that chokes not only our economic life today, but chokes all the life of God out of God's people in the Churches. We need Tort Reform in the Churches!

The only way to see the Glory of the Lord is through the face of Christ. That is all over the scripture. You want to know the Father, then know the Son. You want to see the Father, then see the Son. He is the Rock. The same Rock that God brought Moses to. Let Father slip you into that cleft in the Rock, that cleft in His Son Jesus....then Father will pass by you...and suddenly you too will be able to see the Glory of the Lord......in the face of Christ.

It is an amazing thing.....how God accomplishes this revelation of Himself to us.....simply amazing. No other human being can give you that experience. It is personal. Only you can experience it for you. I can only tell you about it.....tell you about my experiences with Him..... but I can't give it to you.

If you want to see the Glory of the Lord..... you need to ask Him yourself. That's simple.... that's not complicated.... try it..... and let me know what happens!


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