....speaking what we are thinking

We were talking the other night.... about the things we were thinking. You already know, if you visit here regularly, that I am really big on thinking.... it's equally as important to take time, just to sit quietly, interact with the Lord and then speak what you think.... both to the Lord and to others involved in your life. The things we think, need expression. Our words create. One of the ways I do that is to write down what I am thinking in these Musings. Another way is talk about them with my wife and to the others that the Lord has brought into our lives.

We were talking the other day about what appears to be an increase in Satan's activity. Since he never seems to ever stop attacking and counter attacking, it is difficult for me to see what I would call an increase. That's one of the reasons we need to talk, to interact with those around us.... helps us see things we do not see. Other folks put a different perspective in our lives on things, tell different stories..... putting them all together I was able to see the increase in lawlessness.

Sickness (especially cancers in young and old), accidents, personal vilifications, silly lawsuits, robberies, attacks both physical and spiritual all around us throughout friends and families... a regular epidemic of lawlessness is in the news all the time and everywhere....some of the stuff going on makes me wonder why I even consider the things happening to us personally as important.

Satan runs around like a roaring lion looking to devour someone, anyone. What I need to be careful of personally is getting angry with the people doing the personal attack stuff.... it is not them. I need to realize that my battle is not with them... it is with the principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places behind those attacks....not with those that are driven by them. They need to be set free from those powers.

My prayers then are.... for them to be set free from demonic bondage and find the Lord ... and then against the evil forces that are behind all the attacks. Our response is to set a standard against the evil one and all his emissaries.

I would encourage you to join us in that.... and to remember... not only to think a lot .... but to talk about what you think about.


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