...don't worry...be happy!

Remember that one....? Bobby Mcferrin singing.... "don't worry....be happy"
Or how about the song..... "forget you troubles, come on get happy!"

The whole world is nutso for happiness! Do a google on BE HAPPY sometime..... I did this morning just wondering what would be there and I was stunned. If you have the time, there are only 96 million responses you can look at with everybody's answer to fullfillment and self actualization....happiness baby....that's what it's all about! Anyway....it seems to be way up there on our charts....somehow to get to the place where I can be happy about something.... anything!

Ellen and I were talking about a friend who is under a zillion different attacks and she was sharing with the friend how the enemy was trying to steal her joy! What the enemy wants is for us never to experience the joy that God has for us..... His joy! If you have ever experienced that one, you would never need or want the counterfeit of the world's happiness.... all described in the 96 million google-izations!

We went on talking about that and realized all of those recent hassles I referred to in a post a few days back, that's what Satan is after....he is after us losing our joy!

Then this morning, I picked up John Eldredge's Walking with God..... I've told you about his latest book that I have retitled John's Musings..... they are his own journalings of his journey. I read the next entry and he talked about a lady that pulled him aside to offer this warning.... "The battle in your life is against your joy" John said that "It hit me like a Mack truck."

Get the book! Or... you'll just have to settle for my next Musing.....


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