...the great adventure !

It really is a great adventure..... I get a little redundant about this, I know.... but so many folks just don't realize that all the stuff that keeps hitting the fans in our lives is what makes it all so exciting. I sit there amazed, talking to God and saying how clueless I am how He is ever going to straighten out the latest mess.... seriously.... when we trust God and not ourselves, there is this awesome sense of breathless expectation as we watch Him turn everything around for good.

Things change so fast around here, it just boggles my mind. Phone rings, emails come in, the doorbell rings.....wham....off we go. I wouldn't want it any other way. We really do not know what the next minute will bring.... so let's stop all the worrying.... especially since there is nothing we can do about it anyway! People in Vermont tell you that if you don't like the weather today, just wait 5 minutes 'cause it'll change.... so will all the circumstances in our lives!

Yesterday the doorbell rings, it's the service guy from the propane company that was supposed to be here a week ago when Ellen would have taken care of it since I was up at the Lake that day. Yesterday, I'm here. I open the door and do a double take..... the guy that's standing there I know.... met him about 9 years ago at the church we went to after my Epiphany at the fence.

We had decided to go to the biggest church we could find where we could just hide out and heal up. They had a serving ministry there to help out folks in the church who needed some work done. Somehow they discovered we had this leaky tub problem and this guy (the guy standing at my door) was the guy that came out to solve our tub problem 9 years ago.

We just kind of took up where we left off way back then, catching up big time, as he diligently pursued the task of replacing a recalled gasket on our Rinnai Heater. It was so neat. He told me something he had just experienced that morning during his time with the Lord. What a neat story. I'll tell you about it in my next posting. Right now, I'm just trying to get across that this was a very exciting, unexpected disruption in my day. Awesome!

Then there were a series of phone calls which tied up a bunch of loose ends that I've had buzzing at me for weeks, as the enemy tries to make them seem like insurmountable difficulties which will never ever be resolved.....gone in 60 seconds.... stole that from the movie with that title. :)

Then there was the email last Saturday from Bodie! But that's yet another story...for yet another day. If I don't get to it soon....drop me a note and say.....How about the Bodie story!


P. S. I never know what is going to happen next....by the by....... we're not supposed to!

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