.....do you hear the filter?

I told you the story about the filter in the fish tank. I woke up about 5 this morning and the Lord said, "ask them if they hear the filter." Then I had this silly like cartoon thing I was watching in the Spirit and there was the Holy Spirit blowing here and there, always stopping and saying "Can you hear me now?....Can you hear me now?.....hmmm.... can you hear me now?"

God wants so much for us to just stop and listen. It is so easy for me to stay so busy going and going, doing and doing.... that I simply don't ever stop and....listen. He has so much He would like to say to us..... He really wants us to dialogue with Him... have a conversation.... build a relationship with Him.

The more we do it, the more we trust that impression, the still small voice, the thought that runs thru your head, the image in your brain, the occasional audible voice or what seems like a movie you are watching. Back in the early 70's, I had this thing go off inside me that I use to call my clacker...... like a mini alarm clock going off inside when something was off..... it would immediately put me on my guard.... that something was just not right spiritually. Could be a person who just walked into the room.....words being spoken or something I was reading..... a strange aura about somebody or something that would set it off..... could be anything..... I got to really trust that thing going off.....because it always proved out later on that there was a spiritual problem here.

I still trust it. It still works. It has trained my spiritual ears to hear the filter.... and how to respond. Clack....clack....clack.... can you hear Him now?


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