....Helen of Troy

Sunday afternoon, having no guests checking in to the B&B, we did a spur of the moment thing and drove up to our Lake Cottage to check out all the work that was done up there and stay over night. What a neat time..... to actually take my own advice, kick back and do nothing but enjoy each other and this incredible place that the Lord has blessed us with. We did a sleep over! :)

We used one of the beds in the loft so we could look out thru the big pentagon window and watch as the sun set over the Lake....then absorb the beauty again in the morning as everything comes back to life. Ended up just being a super way to celebrate our 39th Anniversary.

We came back in time to spread some mulch, check in our guests and prepare the dinner they had reserved with us. We crashed in our own bed and then got right back at it in the morning, serving an early breakfast for our guests. In talking to them about all the plans we have for today, as they pushed away from table a little and sipped their coffee.... my job being to go back up to the cottage, spread some mulch up there, cut the lawn and work with a couple guys I had lined up to help fight the never ending battle of lot becoming woods once again.... the wife said "Boy, Ellen really cracks the whip around here!"

Off the top of my head, I just said: "Nah... she just looks at me with those beautiful eyes and... I'd do anything.... it's a Helen of Troy thing....she launches my ship!"

Unfortunately, I don't hear many men talk about their relationships with their wives that way.... somehow it comes across all too often as something negative.... the whip, the ball and chain silliness... or a put down of some sort... as if the relationship was adversarial. It's not supposed to be that way.... does not have to be that way.

I love my wife. She's my best friend.... whether we are kicking back at the Lake or working really hard doing all the physical stuff that is so much a part of what we do here. Maybe a little trip to the Lake helps from time to time.... kind of cool.....might even just do that again sometime..... soon!


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