....back to the Lake

In my last posting, I referred to all the work I had left to do on Monday once we were finished serving breakfast. I got up there about 11am, worked hard for 3 hours, called Ellen and told her I was going to have some lunch, then be on my way back home. My head is buzzing about all the things I still would like to do up there. I enjoy landscaping. The Lord just shows me things we could do and I get all excited about them. In 15 minutes, I have worked my way thru a peanut butter sandwich and a banana, get up and I'm ready to buzz along. Then I hear, "It's ok to just sit and enjoy a half hour lunch break".

It stops me cold. I smile....then go sit back down in the big old recliner that I really like and look out thru the window wall to the Lake. It's beautiful. I start to unwind and talk to the Lord. What a neat experience. Then He starts showing me things..... as I stare out at the Lake, there is only one thing that disturbs the beauty..... a big old dead tree that has bothered me forever. I had walked down the road with Ellen on Sunday and showed her the thing, hoping maybe we could somehow make it disappear during the night. Not on our property though....just the other side of the road.

So I'm sitting there now, thinking about that dead old tree and the Lord starts giving me this whole thing about how I have this burden to help everyone I meet, with all their problems, difficulties, hang-ups, all those messes we are so good at getting into..... I just want to introduce them to Jesus and help them get rid of all the problems and messes. I want to take every tree I see, prune it, get rid of all the dead branches, dig around the roots, water them, fertilize them, get it sprouting with new life. The Lord said: "Your desire is good.....but not everyone is on your property...not everyone is in your sphere... they belong to me....they do not belong to you.... I know them...I know what they need... and I know when they need it."

But Lord, I protest, that dead old tree is right there above the house....it could come down at any minute, destroy the whole cottage and kill somebody at the same time! Isn't it amazing how we know best what has to happen and when! Like the Lord who never sleeps nor slumbers and knows every hair on our head is somehow missing something and needs me to remind Him!

I'll be processing this one and the other things I saw over the next several days. I'll keep you posted.


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