........hedges and things

One of the other things I saw thru the window at the Lake, was also something the Lord started talking to me about..... is still talking about, actually. At the end of our property, the land drops pretty much straight down 6 or 8 feet to the road.... across the road one can see the Lake. We have worked at clearing the view to the Lake..... at least on our side of the road... :)

Each spring all the growing things start growing or continue to grow, working hard at turning everything back to the original forest. We continue working hard that that will not happen. Not certain yet just who is winning! :)

Ellen and I have discussed at length, just what to leave grow, what to take down and what height to cut the things we leave growing. As I am looking out, I see the result of this, a neat little line of foliage across the opening between the big trees at each end. I am totally impressed with the results of our strategy. Just above the line is a full view of the Lake. Just below is what I called a hedge of green growth that blocks everything below, as if there was nothing between us and the beauty of the Lake. Not only is the road blocked from view but everything that travels down it... it even seems to put a barrier between us and the sound of anything traveling down the road. Wow! I am really enjoying this.

Then I hear the Lord say, "I have put a hedge about you." I looked up the reference to put it in some context for me. This is what the scripture says. Satan is in God's presence and accusing Him about God's servant Job.

Job 1:10 “Hast Thou not made a hedge about him and his house and all that he has, on every side? Thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land."

I am immediately mushed, weepy, thankful as I recognize the reality of this in our lives. Another, Wow! God has protected us all these years and as the hedgerows have grown, it has been more and more difficult for Satan to break through the hedgerows.... I looked up a little history, remembering the difficulty of the Allied Armies to advance thru Normandy after the invasion in 1944.

"HEDGEROW is a topographical term for the growth of hedges and small trees typical of the Normandy region of France. The thick vegetation grows in an earthen embankment three to five feet tall and just as thick. Since Roman times, the farmers of Normandy have bordered their fields with hedgerows. Small lanes and roads run alongside these hedgerows. This feature of the terrain caused the Allies great problems during the fight for Normandy in World War II. Allied units could not see beyond the next hedgerow. The Germans defended each embankment. The hedgerows made Normandy a natural fortress. During battles, tanks could not climb the embankments of the hedgerows without exposing their undersides to anti-tank fire. Tanks moving down the narrow, tree-covered lanes would get blasted by German tanks, assault guns, or anti-tank guns. Disabled tanks would block the lane for following tanks."

There was a way to break through. The Allies designed Rhino Tanks to smash thru the Hedgerows. I'll talk about that tomorrow..... today is a public confession that the enemy came with his Rhino Tank and broke through my personal hedgerow yesterday..... when he did, I lost my peace, reacted in ways I thought were no longer possible for me to react... got very angry and sinned. I am not at all happy with the Philip I saw. On the other hand I am very thankful for God's forgiveness which is always there when we blow it. Anyway, the breach in the hedgerow is repaired and I'll talk more about it tomorrow.... I know that will help me.... maybe it will help some of you as well.

Right now, I am sitting back and enjoying the view of a completely repaired hedgerow.


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