.....the problem

See.... the problem is...... we really, really want to control everything around us. Every situation, every circumstance, our future, our destiny, every single thing that goes down in our lives as well as all the things that we would like to have go down in our lives.

But...like it or not.... we are not in control. God is in control. Doesn't matter what we think... or what lies Satan tells us. If we choose to eat from that same tree Adam ate from... we will then think we truly are the God of our own lives. This is right. This is wrong. What I think, what I believe, what I declare is what is true. Remember..... this does not mean that that choice is always some evil thing. It is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. All the good things we do mean absolutely nothing when we are the ones who decide what is good. God has said very clearly, do not eat from that tree..... for you shall surely die. That was spiritual death. Until we choose to eat from the other tree in the middle of the garden.... we will simply continue to be dead alive persons. Alive physically but dead spiritually.

That tree in the center of the garden is available to us once again. We still have a choice. We can either believe that what God says is true and start eating from the Tree of Life..... where I tell God it is ok for Him to be God and I'll just stop doing that, thank you very much ..... or..... just continue playing God myself.

By the way.... even when we make that choice.... the enemy never stops trying to seduce us to take things back into our own hands... just look at all the stuff happening in your life.... if God really had everything in control, this wouldn't happen, that wouldn't happen and certainly the other thing would never have happened.

I want you to know, I didn't learn this from a book. It's not a theory or a philosophy of life.I learned this on the battlefield. It is as real to me as anything I can see, touch or feel. That seduction to pull you back and take control is going to come by way of the same 3 temptations Jesus had in the wilderness. I hope I can open this up to you during this next week. It could save you a lot of pain and maybe help you understand the process a little.


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