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Got into our busy mode for the past week, so I haven't had time to post anything. Darryl and Martha were here from Impart Ministries. They input one of the local churches.... and stay with us here in the B&B..... they have been doing this for several years now and we have become good friends. Had some great discussions about how we see the church, how it functions (maybe some things about how it should function.... :)
Other friends who were around, that we walk closely with here, (the Carters and the Listers) joined us all for dinner and then on and off during the three days. We are seeing more and more clearly what we have been called to..... what we are to do....what we are not to do. All of it fitting in with making sure we do not take that "first offer" Satan is always asking us to take.

I just received an email from one of this group, Bodie Lister, with a little story that just grabbed my heart big time.... it says to me that we really are going in the right direction and the Lord is just showing us more and more about what His church is to look like, how it should function and why, "church as we know it", is struggling to survive in this 21st Century.

The Listers are from the deep South...God told them to move to Morrisville, Vermont.... he read my blog and sent me an email several months back..... we been at it ever since. :)

He was writing to a friend, explaining the move up here and what he is doing in Morrisville. This story was part of that explanation. I would love to hear what it says to you. I know what it says to me. :)

"Fishing where I am from is much different from Galilee. There you can net a bunch at a time with a net and you don't have to be quiet. Down home we use a pole. You can only catch them one at a time and they are real skittish (very sensitive to sound or movement). You might have to sit for a long time real quiet before you get a bite. Then those who are new to fishing will give a jerk at the first nibble....lose the bate and scare the fish......I have been going to a local breakfast and sandwich shop every morning since we have been here to have coffee just sitting reading the paper and reading blogs. I have been amazed at what has happened there. I learned as a boy that sometimes fish just wouldn't bite.....either the water was rising too fast or falling too fast or some of a number of things just wasn't right and the fish knew....most people after a short time would quit and go in....but the old timers would just sit there.....and sooner or later it would begin. They fished not for the sport or the thrill......but because they had come to love fishing......it had become their life......and is becoming mine. Praying that the Lord "would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ...........that I may speak as I ought".

Thanks, Bodie. It's been good getting to know you..... and also to know that you have no agenda of your own.... just His agenda....thanks for being available to Him (and to us).... for loving people... for loving to fish... for always being ready to give an answer for the hope that is within you..... for always waiting for the question,......whether in-season or out of season.

Keep on sitting there with your fishin' pole!


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