The temptations never stop.

"and when the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from Him until an opportune time.”

The temptation is finished when we make the right choice.... it simply just goes because we refused it.....but... Satan returns the next opportune time. I promised you some stories to illustrate. I'll start with this one and see where we go.

I've mentioned before how we just lived in miracle after miracle after my collision with God in 1968. Jesus cleaned me out from head to toe from all the physical/emotional addiction stuff. It was instant. It was like Wow God! With no withdrawal symptoms at all, overnight I was no longer an alcoholic or a womanizer who was chewing on 3 packs of Camels every day. My gray hair at 32 years of age turned back to brown and I experienced peace for the first time in my life...... not a bad start. Then all the other business miracles began. I was absolutely convinced that God had raised me up to now make a million dollars for Jesus and finance His work around the world. I read all the Christian success stories....I was definitely the next anointed one. I could do 3 postings just on the list of miracles as God did everything I asked.... Satan offered me the kingdoms of this world and I took it all, hook line and sinker. God showed me He could easily do this.... then He showed me He wouldn't because it had nothing to do with His plan for my life.....

I've told the story before of my Epiphany at the Fence 32 years later.... when I discovered (finally) that His plan for my life was just very simply His having a relationship with me! I will try tell you over the next few days, some of the temptations I had to go thru before He spoke those words to me back in 1999. I'd love to save you some of the pain I went thru by somehow communicating this simplicity of God's plan for us, to anyone He has prepared to hear it.

This is the 4th of July. We celebrate our freedom from the tyranny of England, no longer under the power of another system, independent from the control of that system. I celebrate that every single day..... ever since that day at the fence in 1999. I have chosen instead another system.... it's called the Kingdom of God....and I freely choose each day to live not independently in that system any more but in total dependence on the King of that Kingdom, enjoying His presence and the quiet conversations with Him and His Father every day. The King's name is Jesus. He is my friend. He wants to be your friend as well.

What a life!


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