that rejection issue...

Last time I closed with a statement about... how the rejection issue  had finally been resolved for me... rejection was an ongoing thing for me all my life... 64 years I walked in serious rejection... totally insecure... playing  the opposite... playing  "Mr. Confident"  big shot... constantly trying to prove  to somebody... anybody... and most of all to myself ... that I had what it takes... all the while pretending  I am the greatest... all the while searching  for my validation from something I was able to accomplish or worse than that... from some other person ... you agree with me  don't you... I really am ok right?What a terrible thing to do to another person... especially to your wife... who is trying desperately  to get her validation from you... it is a lose/lose  situation... both of us getting even more rejected in the process because you are not meeting my need.My epiphany at the fence back in 1999 turned it around for my when I realized I no longer had to do anything  for God... it was the start for me...but it was still a long journey into total freedom... getting free of anything is usually a process... it has a beginning... then a long journey  of inch by inch and row by row...I took another leap forward  in 2006.... then in early 2009 the Lord revealed to me that He Himself  had validated me... my Father's validation  was the only validation I ever needed... rejection left... for good.I was now able to walk in what I called the other day... a Kingdom Culture.  Walking in it has brought me into understandings I never thought possible... and it has only just begun!The World's Culture will never bring us into freedom from anything.  The Religious Culture  will only bring us into more bondage and rejection  than we had when we left the World's Culture...I need to tell you more stories about that.:)

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