So this thought runs thru my head... "Philip... you are closer to being 80.... than you are to 70" ...kind of an interesting thought... so I've been "musing away" about this the past few days... all my usual stuff like... "retire?... retire from what ?  life?"   I've seen too many guys get into their 60's and "retire".... losing any meaning for their existence and next thing you know  they are gone...

Then today I see one of the guys I have golfed with once in a while has just died.... only 70.... nothing like reading the obits... one of the things guys my age do... always interesting how many folks have passed that are younger than you are.... did I hear somebody say "Get a life old fella!"   ;)

You see an older movie and say to yourself.... "wonder if he  is still alive"  or "how old was he when he died".."    John Wayne only made it till he was 72... tons a bunches of them never got to 70.....  guess I'm having a pretty good run.  I wonder just how many the Lord is going to give me... suppose I still have to wait some  for that to all sugar down. Not that I am in any particular hurry....  :)

Still having the time of my life  here at the B&B.... we keep making the next "5 year plan"  every year... not a problem when you have your health and still enough energy to get thru the day.    Slowing down some, so we continue to cut back on some of what we do... not stretching ourselves quite as much  as we use to... but who knows... one thing I have discovered is that I am not in charge of that department.   :)

Actualy, what's even more important  is... that I've finally  discovered that I am really not in charge of any department.


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