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Travelers are always looking for memorable and relaxing experiences. Let’s discover more through the words of our innkeepers. Many thanks to Philip Wolff for sharing his own secrets with BBOnline.com!
Why do most travelers stay at your inn?

Because we have done it for 14 years, people come back again and again. They tell family and friends and they come. People respond to reasonable rates, great reviews, great breakfasts, finding everything they need to know on our web-site without having to make a phone call... nothing phony or pretentious... everything up-front.

This is why I chose to open a B&B 14 years ago. I wrote this in 2004.
What are you best known for? What makes your inn unique? What do you love most about your inn?

All of the things in the links above. We never blow our own horn and don't make it difficult for people to find out what they want to know. What we love most about our inn is the people that we meet... 1200/1500 every year.

If someone has never been to your city, what is the #1 reason to come visit?

I call the Lamoille Valley and Stowe in particular "the tourist Capital of Vermont". Morrisville is a small blue collar community 10 minutes from Stowe. People come here because Stowe is so expensive, or to do business here, visit family and friends, see someone in the hospital, or the nursing home, the local small colleges, an artist's community, weddings, funerals.

What’s the best compliment you have ever received about the inn?

We have so many great compliments in our guest books. All those comments are posted on our web-site. There are too many to pick just one. villagevictorian.com

What’s the best kept secret about the area?

We tell our guests everything about the area that they want to know about...no special "secrets" to make it sound bigger than life.

If a traveler is staying at your inn for 4 nights, what should he/she do in the area?

People book longer stays like that all the time up here. We never tell anybody "what they should do"... there are a zillion things to do. We have all of this listed on our web site. We have a page full of links to everything anybody could ever want to do within an hour's drive... another page up there with links to all the restaurants that have web-sites...another with links to the resorts. We even have links up on our site for other B&B's in our area.

Is there anything within walking distance of your inn?

We are right in the middle of town... a couple restaurants, typical little Vermont town, lots of Steeples, a few local shops, a little local museum, a nice place to walk 5 min away down on the Oxbow of the Lamoille River.

What is your favorite restaurant/food in the area?

We enjoy lots of different food. Stowe has every cuisine imaginable. We particularly enjoy Northern Italian at the Foxfire Inn, 10 minutes drive...which also has 5 rooms in the B&B part of their business. Very happy to eat locally at several places.. most reasonable is Hoagies (red sauce Italian) 5 min drive. The Bees Knees and Moog's Place are a 3 minute walk, so lots of guests go to their places.

Any good area guides/websites that travelers could reference?

Our web-site villagevictorian.com...and my wife!

How many rooms does your inn have?

We have 4 rooms and a Suite.

Do you accept pets?

We do not accept pets. We do have local suggestions.





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