Philip's Small Business Consulting

Let's talk about

finding your niche - discovering who you are
where you've been - where you are now - where you want to go

Philip's Small Business Consulting Services


offering a free initial phone consult
from a background of over 55 years of self employment 
"Where I've Been"

Specializing in smaller Bed & Breakfasts as we move thru our 17th year of innkeeping at
Village Victorian B&B in Morrisville, VT
"Where I Am"

call philip 
for your free phone consult appointment


I want to help others discover answers to their questions. Be a sounding board for you.

Talk about your hopes and dreams. Your struggles trying to get there.

Perhaps be a reality check for you.

We can talk about your business philosophy. Look at your web presence or lack of it.
Look at why we all do or do not do the things we do or do not do!

 Most of all just try to encourage you to become everything you are designed to become.

this is "Where I am going"

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a collection of my own business principles - my do's and don't do's
my personal business philosophy

Maybe that will be enough - maybe not - be happy to spend as much time as you like

no charge for initial phone consult
Just $30 for each additional phone consult
office visits - $50 each

another thought - you can always get a room at Village Victorian
and receive yet another free personal consult!



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