2006 Sound Bytes from our Guest Books

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Breakfasts were delicious and dinner with Philip was SUPERB! Could not have had a better first B&B experience.
Ellen, I look forward to watching your gift shop web-site grow. Wonderful!
You have made a great memory for our 10th anniversary.
Ever so special.
Two Breakfasts “to die for”.
You’ve made our B&B experience a memorable one.
We came without a reservation to spend one night and stayed three! What more can we say.
Your home is more than wood fires, more than pancakes, more than laughter and more than all of us....... Your home breathes life. Thank you for making our trip unforgettable and truly special.
I like feeling “at home” and.... not having to do the work!
Our stay was great, as usual.
You make us feel like old friends, not guests.
Your breakfasts have been “out of this world” !
Philip, the breakfasts were great – didn’t need another meal all day.
Our times together will be cherished forever.
Philip and Ellen RULE!
What a delightful respite while visiting family. Wonderful to return to a warm, quiet room with a very comfortable bed and excellent linens.... To awake to a culinary delight served with ease and charm.....and great coffee!
You home is absolutely beautiful, nicely decorated, comfortable and above all, peaceful. Surely the Lord’s Presence abides here.
The breakfasts were outstanding! A 5-Star hotel would have fierce competition.
Ellen, I love your gift shop.
Your web-site never mentioned “cruel and unusual punishment” as we lay in bed smelling the bacon and fresh brewed coffee wafting up the stairs.... :) It was all worth it once we arrived at the breakfast table. Fantastic breakfast!
The conversation was wonderful.
Ellen, thanks for the guided tour. I love your gift shop!
One of the most delicious breakfasts we’ve ever eaten – we’re definitely going to try to make the fruit compote when we get back to England.
Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. Thank you for all the stories. Can’t wait to see you again.
I think a cookbook is in order!
We certainly made the right choice.

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