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It was so difficult for me to just pick bits and pieces (Sound Bytes) from all of the hundreds of pages of wonderful comments written in our 5 guest books during 2007. Reading thru them again turns me (Philip) into mush....especially the following comments referring to one snowy night we will never forget.

“....we showed up on your doorstep very late, tired, cold, angry, upset and ready to just go back home in the morning. “

They had gotten lost several times, kept calling, ended up going South on 89 instead of North, went off the road somewhere in NH, got towed out and finally arrived late that night for their “romantic weekend together”.......they were barely speaking by this time.  Ellen’s incredible gift of caring for people just came out as she calmed them down, sat them in front of the fire, brought out a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers and we just chatted with them, sipping wine together.

"After 2 days in the winter wonderland of Morrisville, we leave well-rested, warm, well-fed and most of all – happy and very much in love! We can’t thank you enough for your hospitality, amazing accommodations, fantastic grub and even for lending Eric a shirt to go out for dinner when all he had was a bleach stained T-shirt! We can’t wait to come back!"

.....Thank you so much for the bacon recipe..... Great breakfasts.... The bath tub rocked!

This is our favorite B&B!

Your inn is so charming....
This has been a lovely week..... You instantly made me feel at home.
It was over the top again!
We feel right at home here.
This was truly an amazing experience.

He asked me to marry him, so now this place will always hold a special place in our hearts. Oh, and I said YES!

Another great, relaxing visit.
As always, my stay here was awesome. Great stay! Great food. Great conversations.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Your home radiates love, warmth and caring. Thanks for the great hospitality.

This is our first time in a B&B and it was more than we expected or hoped for.

It is obvious that you put much care and thought into every detail.
Your house is so welcoming and beautiful.
Thank you for your peaceful, great smelling Oasis!
Relaxing on your porch felt like another world.
Thank you for your unbelievable breakfast.

It was totally relaxing..... I loved the breakfast and the stories!

Thanks for making my time away so pleasurable.
Thank you again for making our stay here so amazing......it is charming.
Thank you for making us feel so welcome. We feel like we are visiting family.

It was a delight. The kindness by both of you, your personal care and thoughtfulness, everything so clean and attractive and a gift shop NOT OVER PRICED!

It’s all true. Everything we read in the guest book from those who came before us is absolutely true!

Your hospitality is unmatched.
One night is too short!
I love the energy you both project. Keep on!
We love this place!

Keep on cooking Philip!!!!

Thanx for making my return to my home town a “warm fuzzy” experience. It felt like I was “sleeping over” at a friend‘s house.

I believe we’ve “tested” every room now. It’s always a pleasure!

Extra points for the strawberry rhubarb sauce.

I’m sure we’ve gained a few pounds from the tasty breakfasts each morning but it was worth it! James will be trying to make the warm fruit compote real soon.....to die for!
“Philip can cook more good things BY ACCIDENT, than most people can on purpose!”


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