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Out with the old year 2008

December 23-31, 2008
A very comfortable, hospitable and "delicious" respite from all our family holiday activities. A true Vermont Inn atmosphere and delicious/filling breakfasts. The coffee formula was tasty and hit the spot...thanks for your attention to our needs. It helped to have a quiet place to come to after all the activities with our active grandchildren. Thank you for your hospitality.

Ring in the new year 2009

January 2-4, 2009
How wonderful to ring in the New Year at your glorious place! It was so nice....the room, the company, the food.....we simply had a blast. I'm so glad we found the Village Victorian!!

Choices - Choices - Choices

As always....so difficult to pick something out from our guests books...everybody says so many awesome things to us....we just love it. Two things jumped out at me this time as I read through the comments.

One was the number of guests who were going to a B&B for the very first time. The other was practically everyone saying something really nice about our breakfasts....blows me away. So I made two sections with just those comments one after another.

First Time in a B&B
  • Thanks so much for a wonderful "first-timers" experience....
  • Our first stay at a Bed & Breakfast has been one to remember....the first of many...
  • Our first experience staying at a B&B was wonderful....couldn't have been more comfy in our own home!
  • First time at a B&B and we have fallen in love with the place..
  • We have not stayed in a B&B and the Village Victorian was a great way to start...
  • This was our first stay at a B&B. We really enjoyed our experience.
Breakfasts at Village Victorian

....we will start our diets when we get home....your breakfasts are too yummy here.....best breakfast of our entire trip....an unforgettable breakfast.......the food was excellent ...breakfast was absolutely fabulous....what a yummy breakfast....the breakfast was plentiful and delicious ....breakfast was wonderful!!.....your breakfast was delicious.... memorable... scrumptious....the best

....Philip's sweet, sticky, gooey, maple drizzle was delicious over all the homemade delights...

...your bread is truly fabulous

After all those wonderful comments... folks even add on such nice things just about us... :)
  • ....and above all the company was superb...
  • ....and the company even better....
  • ...but the best part is you two.
  • ....loved Phil's fabulous "everything"!
  • ....the love that exudes from both of you is a great gift...
  • .... found you last year and loved you again this year...
  • ...you generosity and warmth were given from the moment we walked thru the door
  • ....the room was priceless...adorable...spacious... cozy....exactly what we were looking for...
  • ...the room was amazing...just what we needed
  • ...my daughter wants to make this our yearly tradition
It was nice to know that not only could we visit family in the area but that we would be able to come back to the B&B and it would feel like home.
Although our stay was brief, only one night, the breakfast was delicious - reminded me of home.
Just like staying at a favorite Aunt's.
It seemed every time we stepped foot in your home, it was like stepping foot into our grandparent's home whom we miss dearly.
Felt so welcome and loved the decor, the cleanliness and most of all your kind demeanor.
Thank you so much for the way you made us feel at home.
Lovely old town. Reminded us of Norman Rockwell.
Spent my 79th birthday in your home - reminiscent of the family homes I visited in my early days.
Like staying with family.
Must be that "home" is a very peaceful.. quiet... loving remembrance.... :)
Starting the day with a big country breakfast, little chats throughout the day with Phil and ending in front of a warm fireplace before turning in for the night. Who could ask for more?
I enjoyed a lovely respite from the usual demands of life. I envy your view of the mountains and slower pace up here.
enjoying the beautiful greenery out our bedroom window just added to the warm hospitality we experienced in your home.
One thing I never had to worry about was that my out of town wedding guests were taken care of.
You cannot know how much we needed this relaxing vacation.
Thank you so much for this peaceful, comforting time before my mother's surgery. Your pleasant company helped me to become calm.
Thank you so much for your hospitality. This has been such a peaceful haven.
On our wedding anniversary..... We'll remember this home as warm and welcoming.
Couldn't have asked for a better place to spend our 2nd wedding anniversary. We have fallen in love with you place.


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