The Philip & Ellen's Family Newsletter 2010

Updated September 11, 2010

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It was another year of the family in 2010... starting with my son Christopher and grandson Jesse visiting in April (while Ellen was in Rwanda meeting our newest grandson Nathanael) ... my brother Marc was here as well... our friends the Hallers visited at the end of the month.... big Bill came 6 times in May for another kind of record... proving once again why he is an honorary member of the family.... the Keefes also came in May and then again in July... our new friends the Pastinas just left... it was their 4th visit so far this year... Ellen's sister Jeanne was at the Lake for 6 weeks.... overlapped by the arrival of our daughter Jennifer & family from Rwanda for 4 weeks (when I finally got to hold Nathanael) .... my Mom died on May 19.... she had wanted us to throw a party to celebrate her life... which we did on August 26th... 63 people came to the Celebration as we have called it... family and friends... it was a very busy time with 12 of my grandchildren at the Lake and brother Bruno with his wife and a granddaughter here... brother Marc with his wife and daughter... friends too numerous to mention.... I would just be running a litany of names....

Everyone has now gone home... we have stopped to take a very deep breath as we now go into foliage season.

If you haven't read the business version of our Newsletters, it would be good to do that.... :)

We explained a major switch there... in this era of the phenomena of Facebook... we are going to try to do regular updates for both business and personal news on Facebook...  For the business using the new page we started at Facebook .  Hope you'll check in regularly to see what's been going on in the business, since it is so hard to even separate that from our personal lives.   All our personal updates and pictures will be going on our personal Facebook account...

Not sure yet whether Ellen is going to set up an account of her own.... she has so much going on... especially as her gift shoppe... teas... and online gift shoppe.... are all picking up momentum... not much time left for her after all the B&B stuff.... we shall see where she goes with everything.

Then there are also my ramblings about all the things I am seeing and thinking about regularly on Philip's Musings....

Another thing we want to do is to ask our friends and family and all our guests who have said so many wonderful things to us and written those things in our guest books... to maybe help us a little ... by writing a review at both these web-sites..

Reviews are presently the biggest thing happening in the Bed and Breakfast industry... everybody is checking places out by reading the reviews... so... the more reviews the better...

Love you all

Philip & Ellen

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