Where I Am

Where am I?Here is Philip standing by beautiful Shadow Lake

This is where we have our Lake Cottage... one of the things we really enjoy... even get to escape to once in a while... 

I am the guy who updates Philip's Story ... so folks can get to know a little bit more about where Philip is coming from

I love to think about things and then write about them.... my whole life story is up there on  Philip's Musings ... but even that has changed...
so much is changing

I'm a fitness nut and a wellness nut.... a bit of a religious nut as well smiley   We no longer do Wellness Weeksends or Retreats though, as we continue to simplify our lifestyle

Even Ellen's Tea parties have been phased out in order to focus on the one major thing we have been called to do .... bless those who come to our little B&B...

Last but not least - an integral part of the B&B experience
Ellen's Gift Shop
A Truly Unique Shopping Experience

Ellen does an incredible job redecorating the store for every new season...

So that is where I am today...
I'm not in charge of the tomorrow department


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